Our Black caviar is produced in the best fish farms. We cooperate with the largest and most equipped fisheries in Russia. We make sure that a careful environmental approach is used in production. Sturgeon caviar in the bulk is obtained by the milking method, without killing the fish. Our manufacturers apply the technology of minimal salting of caviar, traditional for Siberia and the Far East. For safety, a little preservative based on natural ingredients is added.

Experienced specialists who began their journey in the caviar business dozens of years ago work at our facilities. Every year we bring something new to the production of black caviar. At the same time, we support the traditions of our ancestors. It is important for us to convey to the buyer the true taste of real black caviar.

Farms that receive black caviar and red caviar have all the necessary permits. Each batch of caviar passes the appropriate veterinary control. All products are certified and have a declaration of compliance with CITES.