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Selected caviar has become the exclusive VRH product line, the share of which does not exceed 8% of the total production volume. Such a delicacy is provided by sturgeons starting from the age of 15 years. The caviar eggs in the Selected series are quite large and silver-grey. The average caviar grain size exceeds 3 millimetres. In the mouth, selected caviar reveals its noble deep taste with a saturated nutty note.

Volgorechensk fishery is one of the largest and most advanced fisheries with more than 40 years of experience in cultivating sturgeon. The fish are bred in the natural equatorial surrounding, in the places where sturgeon inhabited from time immemorial. Namely, in two channels of the Volga river: Sachi and Keshki.

Why Black Caviar VRH Selected?

Absolutely legal

Sturgeon caviar meets the most stringent standards of taste and quality. It is obtained in accordance with the global sanitary standards. With a caviar jar, you receive a certificate authorizing the export abroad.

Classic Malossol Recipe

Each jar of caviar is handmade. Caviar eggs can be sorted and processed with special salt. After that, this caviar is tightly “tamped” into the cans to prevent air from getting inside.

Exceptionally Natural Product

The best caviar is provided by the sturgeons grown in their natural habitat. VRH raises this rare fish in places of their historical mass congestion – in the tributaries of the Volga, Shachi and Keshka.

Only sturgeon caviar

The sturgeon herd consists exclusively of beluga and Russian sturgeon here. The manufacturer carefully monitors the cleanliness of the breed.



Ingredients: Siberian sturgeon caviar, salt, mountain ash extract. Does not contain GMOs

Egg size over 3 mm

Malosol (3-3.3% pure salt)

Nutrition value per 100g:

Protein 28g

Carbohydrate 14g

Caloric value 240 kcal

Packing: can

Storage conditions: at a temperature of -4 ° c … 0 ° c no more than 12 months, not more than 1 month in a household refrigerator.

Producer: Volgorechensk fisheries (Kostroma region)

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