Pink Salmon Caviar “Vostochnyi Bereg”, 125 g.



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Pink salmon caviar is not just an element of luxury on your table. This is a must-have appetizer on the festive table or a product for regular consumption.

We sell only natural and legal caviar. Our caviar is produced in certified fisheries in accordance with high-quality standards. Each salmon caviar egg is selected by the caring hands of professionals to give health and pleasure.

Red caviar is a universal and healthy product with a delicate and noble taste. The natural pink salmon caviar is good for your health since it:

+ Increases immunity

+ Contains the valuable Omega-3 acids

+ Stimulates the cardiovascular system

+ Energizes and relieves stress

+ Helps the body produce collagen

Сoho salmon caviar is an excellent choice for a special party or a common delicious dinner.

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The raw material for production is fish caught in the rich and environmentally friendly waters of the Karaginsky Gulf, the Bering Sea.

Nutrition value per 100 g:
Proteins – 32 g
Fats – 15 g
Calorie content – 263 kcal


Pink salmon caviar (grain), table salt, refined sunflower oil.

Storage conditions – at a temperature not higher than -18 ° C

Shelf life: 12 months
Fish type: pink salmon
Type of processing: granular caviar
Packaging: plastic can

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