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The wild smell of the Mediterranean snail caviar resembles the aroma of the oak leaves and mushrooms mixed with the freshness of an autumn forest after the rain. 

Due to its unique appearance and specific smell, escargot caviar is called “the forest pearl”. Restaurateurs around the world appreciate the exclusivity of escargot pearls caviar for the VIP class cuisine. 

Why is our snail caviar so valuable?

 The snail caviar contains the rich vitamin cocktail including such vitamins as A, D, E, C as well as vitamins of group B.  There are over 38 valuable nutrients in these cute little pearls.

What is the value of the escargot caviar? It gives vigour and activity to the human body, improves the function of the cardiovascular system, empowers sexual activity and strengthens the thyroid gland.

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Questions? - Answers!
How do they get escargot caviar?

It is not easy to get snail or escargot caviar. It requires special conditions and huge work. Snails are kept in the reproductive cabins at a certain temperature, humidity and other conditions. Then they grow and lay eggs in the ground. The eggs of the snail caviar are manually assembled, sorted and washed.

Where are Helix Aspersa special snails bred?

Snail breeding is performed by the specialized farms that grow snails for human consumption. Some snail farms also collect and process snail caviar. Sometimes snails are grown and kept under the special conditions and temperature regime, with additional lighting and climate control. The producers work hard to create the best conditions for the maximum reproduction during which this caviar is produced.

What color and size are the real snail caviar?

In the natural state, the eggs are colorless, but after processing, the eggs can be of cream, pinkish-white or white shade. The diameter of the escargot eggs is usually 3-4 mm.  Snail eggs of some specimens can even reach the diameter of 3-4 mm.

What taste does the snail caviar possess?

Description of the taste of the snail caviar varies. Some people compare its taste with the “baked asparagus” or “baked mushrooms.” At the same time, they note the “subtlety of taste” and the presence of “woody notes” with a certain “earthy aroma”.

Is snail caviar similar to sturgeon caviar?

Snail caviar doesn’t resemble red or black caviar, so there is no obvious fishy flavour. However, some people speak about the slight similarity in taste with the black caviar.

How often does a snail spawn?

Escargot caviar can be obtained only once a year. Under certain conditions, you can harvest twice.

Why is snail caviar that expensive?

The high price of the snail caviar is explained by the rather laborious processes of its production. One snail produces about 100 eggs per year. And this is just 4 grams of caviar!