Where to buy real black caviar?

You can buy 100% natural black caviar and red caviar from large, modern fisheries in Russia and Belarus on our website. We sell only fresh and genuine caviar, produced according to international quality standards.

Why do we recommend buying caviar from us?

We offer quality black and red caviar from trusted manufacturers at an affordable price. We carry out fast delivery to any city in Russia, legal export to the CIS countries. Free extraordinary delivery in Moscow is possible (medium and large wholesale). Sturgeon caviar is stored in reliable conditions and meets international quality standards.

How to recognize fake caviar?

The best thing you can do is buy black caviar from a trusted manufacturer. It does not hurt to study the reviews of real customers on the Internet. If you have already acquired dubious black caviar, there are several simple ways to determine its authenticity at home: by the size of the eggs and the shape (all the eggs are of different sizes), by color (natural caviar is not blue-black), by smell (real caviar is odorless or has a light aroma of sea water). Also pay attention to the packaging on which all necessary information should be indicated.

How to conduct a simple test for the authenticity of caviar?

Tip: to determine the quality of caviar, you need to put a few eggs in boiling water. If it is gelatinous or tinted caviar, it will instantly dissolve or lose color in water. Real caviar will remain unchanged.

Why to buy black caviar?

Black caviar is an ideal gift for customers, loved ones and business partners. This is a stylish and solid present that will enhance your status and help open new doors!

Is it possible to buy black caviar inexpensively?

The cost of real black caviar is often less than it is commonly thought, the classic recipe from a trusted manufacturer is quite affordable, especially at small wholesale discounts. It should be understood that a low price indicates a fake, poor quality, low taste and can even be dangerous to your health.

Why is it dangerous to buy poached black caviar?

No one can vouch for the quality of the products you buy. The consequences can be unpleasant, up to serious poisoning and a hospital bed, instead of a festive feast. It is especially dangerous to give black caviar bought “on hand” to children, people with gastrointestinal diseases, elderly and weakened ones. Also, counterfeit caviar with a dubious composition can be a source of salmonella and botulinum toxin.

Who are our manufacturers?

We are introducing black caviar and red caviar from the largest aquaculture enterprises and leaders of the caviar industry in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Our producers prepare caviar, taking into account old recipes and traditions.

Does black caviar happen without preservatives?

A small amount of preservative is necessary for safe transportation and storage, if you are not going to eat black caviar directly at the place of catch and production.

How useful is black caviar?

The list of useful properties is simply enormous. Caviar in its composition is a real superconcentrate of building materials for the whole organism. Caviar contains protein amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Caviar is rich in lecithin (from 1.0 to 43%), fat-soluble vitamins A and D, vitamins E and group B. Moreover, such minerals as calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, as well as iron, manganese, iodine, silicon, zinc are present in caviar in significant quantities.

Can I give caviar to children and pregnant women?

Children can gradually inject black caviar from the age of 5 to avoid unwanted allergic reactions. In addition, black caviar can be advised by a pediatrician to increase hemoglobin levels. Caviar is an easily digestible protein product and a source of all kinds of minerals and vitamins necessary for both mom and the unborn baby. Iron helps increase hemoglobin, magnesium helps the nervous system, folic acid is necessary for the development of all organs and tissues, as well as blood formation. But you should not abuse it, because caviar contains salt.

Can I buy caviar in bulk?

Wholesale purchase of caviar is possible from 1 kg. Leave applications on the page “Partners” or contact page. We will calculate the wholesale price of any caviar you wish.

Do you know the history of black caviar?

Since ancient times, black caviar has been considered the culinary gold and delicacy of Russian tsars. In the 16th century, Russia got access to the Caspian Sea, and pressed caviar became one of the favorite dishes of not only Russian tsars. In the 17th century Russia began to actively export delicacy and supplied almost all countries with caviar. Everyone wanted to buy black caviar. Europe tasted sturgeon caviar only in the second half of the 19th century. Russia has lost its palm, losing to China, Chile and Iran in terms of production. It got to the point that 80% of black caviar in the world market has nothing to do with its origins. And we intend to fix it!

What is the mission of our company?

Our mission is to restore the former glory of the Great Caviar State, to transfer traditions to descendants, to strengthen the heritage of our ancestors, the “black gold”. While other countries are getting rich on caviar, we continue to support the national producer. Thus, we also care about the environmental friendliness and health benefits of the product.

Who can you and should you buy black caviar as a gift to?

∎ to your regular customer or partner, in order to encourage prolongation of the contract;
∎ to an employee to stimulate activity;
∎ to your doctor or teacher to express appreciation;
∎ to a new partner for a favorable first impression;
∎ to a loved one or relative;
∎ to a child or an adult to improve brain activity;
∎ to any person as a prestigious holiday snack;
∎ for further implementation.

How to place an order on our website?

Payment is possible in cash at the hands of the courier or non-cash (by credit card). When placing an order, select a payment method “card” and proceed further, following the instructions of the payment system. Learn more about the terms of delivery and payment of black and red caviar when buying in our store.