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Frequently Asked Questions
Where I can buy real black caviar?

You can buy 100% natural black caviar and red caviar produced in the large and well-equipped fisheries in Russia and Belarus on our website. We sell only fresh and genuine caviar produced according to the international quality standards.

Why would we recommend buying caviar in Caviar Guru store?

We offer quality black and red caviar from trusted manufacturers at an affordable price. We carry out fast delivery and legal export abroad. Delivery rates differ depending on the destination point, the wholesale). Sturgeon caviar is stored in reliable conditions and meets international quality standards.

How can I recognize the fake caviar?

The best thing you can do is buy caviar from a trusted manufacturer. It won’t be superfluous to study the reviews of the real customers on the net. If you have already bought the dubious black caviar, try a few simple tests to check its authenticity at home. Study the size of the eggs and the shape – all the eggs should be of slightly different sizes. Study the caviar colour – the natural caviar is not too black or blue-black. Study the caviar smell (the real caviar is odourless or has a light aroma of seawater). And finally, pay attention to the packaging where all the necessary information should be precisely indicated.

How to conduct a simple test to check the caviar authenticity?

To determine the quality of caviar, you need to put a few caviar eggs into the boiling water. If it is gelatinous or tinted caviar, it will instantly dissolve or lose color in water. Real caviar will remain unchanged.

Why is caviar an awesome thing to buy?

Caviar is an ideal gift for business partners, customers or your beloved ones. Caviar is a rare, healthy and delicious delicacy highly evaluated by the successful people globally. Caviar outlines your generous style and elegant taste. The solid present will enhance your status and help open new doors!

Is it possible to buy black caviar inexpensively?

The cost of the real black caviar of prime quality is often less than it is commonly thought. The classic caviar from a trusted manufacturer is quite affordable, especially at wholesale discounts. Significantly lower price indicates the fake caviar of poor quality, plain taste and can even be dangerous to your health!

We sell not caviar, but a lifestyle. Caviar opens up new possibilities and attracts abundance. Caviar is an exclusive status that makes you more significant. Caviar is a special state of mind. It is pure health and aesthetics.

We are introducing black caviar and red caviar from the largest aquaculture enterprises and leaders of the caviar industry in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Our producers prepare caviar, taking into account old recipes and traditions.

Caviar of our producers is recognized by eminent restaurateurs and chefs in different countries. Diplomas, quality certificates and customer reviews confirm the excellent quality of black caviar.

Now you can buy sturgeon caviar without leaving your home. We guarantee super quality and excellent taste of our caviar. Learn more about the terms of delivery and payment of black and red caviar when buying in our store.